Thursday, 18 April 2013

OOTD Harriet's 1st Birthday

Dress - ASOS Curve
Cardigan - South, Very
Rings - Primark & Accessorize
Bow flats - New Look
Necklace - Gift from Georgina
Today is Harriet's 1st Birthday! Eeee I can't really believe she's hit the 1 year mark already. It's crazy to think I've had her for nearly 10 months. She picked me up when I lost Mr Socks my cat & has really given me something to focus on and distract myself. As it was a special day I pleaded with my Dad to take some photos (he's finding it harder and harder to do this unfortunately), thankfully he could today and here they are! I hope you enjoy them :) I forgot to do my usual close ups unfortunately! Hope you'll forgive me! x
Harriet's outfit!
Balloon party dress - Ebay
Minnie bow sparkle lead - Pet London
Ready for her party with Pup Cakes & chocolate bones! :)
Don't worry! I didn't give any of the doggies the caterpillar cake, that was for the humans & the pup cakes & chocolate bones were specially for Harriet, Button, Walter & Dillon.


  1. Happy birthday harriet! Nice outfit.

  2. Happy Birthday Harriet! :D I love your outfit, fluffy cardigans are one of my favourite things.

  3. Happy Birthday Harriet :D I love her dress I have a pomeranian too called meg they are great dogs :) xxxx

  4. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

  5. It's so cute ^^ Happy Birthday Harriet <3

  6. Oh what an adorable pair you two are. Happy birthday Harriet!!


  7. omg, this is just too cute : O
    and i just love love this adorable strawberry armchair (it is armchair, right? :PP) <3

    [my cute weirdoland -]

  8. Best doggie birthday party ever!

  9. Adorable pics! Looks like alot of fun! I have birthday partys for me pets too, it's so fun! Happy Belated Birthday Hariett!

  10. Such a cute dog! And your outfit is lovely! Just blog hopping and came across yours. Great blog!


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